Friday, January 6, 2012

Something to Do

It was a little like scene from a zombie movie, when the living dead are all shuffling around, searching for whiffs of human-scented suppers. Everyone was dragging their feet like that, hesitating, uncertain if the person around the next corner was a goner like them, or one of the chosen few who hadn't been selected for elimination. The survivors really weren't any better off--you could already see the next morning in their eyes. They'd be walking into a department of 3 people instead of 13, with the world as they know it (from 9 - 5 at least) disintegrating around them and so many warm, talented people gone from their sight.

I had suggested us goners should carry around our white 9 x 12 exit paper envelopes as we wandered the halls to say our goodbyes, so we'd all know who was which. In part to spare the stayers, because at least they could avoid asking or not wanting to or being hopeful for us, and all the other lousy stuff. But mostly for our sake, the bitten ones. Because of what happens next.

(If you've never seen a zombie movie, maybe you don't know. Once bitten, you only have so much time. You're going to turn. You'll die for a little bit inside, but not all the way. It's bad--you're better off having your head chopped off then to reanimate as a zombie. There's a window of time. And arrangements should be made in advance with your traveling companions and loved ones. If I get bit, cut me off. Get me outta here. Swear, you will NOT let me become a zombie!)

You feel sorry for zombies, really, because they didn't cause their fate, and now all they can do is wait to feed. Zombies are the most vulnerable of all the monsters, I think. Which makes them among the most dangerous. You run the risk of feeling sorry for them or underestimating them. Fortunately, if you ever do run into zombies, they also seem to be pretty stupid. Which is where my analogy here and the scene from yesterday part ways.

We aren't wandering around today searching for whiffs of paycheck-scented jobs because we're stupid. That's what I was thinking about when the alarm went off this morning.  Granted, we might be a little vulnerable, but let's not feel sorry for ourselves or underestimate what's possible for us, either. That would be dangerous. So one moment, I was comfy there in bed, thinking, I don't have to get up. I can cut myself some slack. I have zombie juice all over me and I don't know what to start with. Then I decided not to hit snooze.

Because I don't want to wake up later, reanimated as some gross version of myself I could have avoided.

Though I must admit, I'm in my old robe, unshowered, with black trouser socks on. Kinda scary. Still, I'm writing. See, that's what I did at my job. What better way to keep yourself from the fate of the living dead than to do what you did? Or, do what you wanted to do. Or do what you should have done more of. All of it counts. That is the to-do for today. Even if you did hit snooze, make sure you do something that matters today. And everyday. I have a framed quote on my bookcase that I've adored for 25 years. It says,
There are three grand essentials in this life:
something to do,
something to love and
something to hope for.

And if you really want it to make a difference, I suggest you write your somethings down. (If you're looking for work, you're going to want to keep a log of your to-dos for unemployment benefits anyway. And if you're not, you'll find other improvements happen along the way when you record your positive efforts. Trust me on this one.)

I unpacked the stuff I brought home from my cubicle (I'm a day ahead with my "to-do for today" concept). Some highlights:
~ 9 x 12 white exit envelope
~ Ganesh,
      God of New Beginnings
~ calendar of beaches
~ inspiring quote pages
      (sensing a trend here?)
~ blog topics folder

Yesterday, one of my bitten friends suggested I write a new blog. I brushed the idea off.
Today, Ganesh made me think, don't hit snooze.
See you on Monday!

PS Thanks for the suggestion, Kevin I.


  1. Bookmarked. Looking forward to reading and seeing this blog grow. This Kevin I guy sounds like the most awesome cool, rad, super person in the world :).

    Best of luck with the blog!

  2. @kevin1889, thanks for reading! I won't tell Kevin I you said all that, though, he already has very good self esteem. :-)

  3. Great blog Faith! Will be watching for more, and waiting for the day you post about your new job!

    And don't tell that Kevin I guy how great he is. He already knows. :)

  4. Arlene, thank you! Good thing that Kevin I guy has that taller body with the smallish head cuz proportionally by now it must be inflating past where this author was intending. :-)