Friday, January 13, 2012

Lucky Friday

One cool thing about being unemployed is that I get to keep coming up with more things to add to my list of cool things about being unemployed. I figure it’s easier for most people come up  with what stinks about losing your job. But I’m naturally drawn to what might be more of a challenge for others: taking notice of the unexpected good stuff...
  • Right away I noticed how it’s really great to be able to stay in your jammies in the morning, and wait to shower till you feel like it.  
  • Loftier, but still important, there’s the chance you have to pump yourself up and play up your strengths as you go for the new job you want and deserve.
  • Back down closer to the pj level is how you can keep in touch with former coworkers, but you don’t have to be as guarded now, or as “on.” Maybe they can know you swear.
  • You can get things done that ran the risk of stressing you out or getting blown off before, when you had your job. Doctor. Taxes. Summer sandals away. I mean Christmas decor.
  • You can meet people for breakfast or brunch.
  • You can take a day off without telling anyone. Name your Snow Day. Call it Friday.

A while ago, I thought I had to take today off, because I had three appts. to keep—two doctors and a dentist. When I told the doc that just now, he said, that’s too bad, now it’s sort of the other way around… as in, I have to spoil my day off to go around to all these appointments. I didn’t even think of it that way! But it’s Friday, and he was “stuck” at work, and there I was, with no job to be at. And it’s the 13th  --to some, maybe I’m the lucky one, eh? Like I always say, perspective is everything.

And that changed my perspective for today. I have one more appointment this afternoon. Otherwise, I’ve decided I’ll just do a quick little job searchy with the state of Illinois to see what’s new out there, and that’s all for “work.” I’m going to make a fire in the fireplace, catch up on some personal To Dos for Today, and say TGIF.

I’m spending Friday, my way. When I’m back to being at work somewhere, maybe I can keep this idea going in some fashion. I can plan my Fridays to be filled with cool things about being employed. All week longs, I’ll take notice of all the unexpected good stuff about my better new job, and then on Friday, I’ll make sure I enjoy them.

Today, at work or at home, I hope you do the same!

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