Monday, January 23, 2012

Say Yes to Nimbleness

Monday starts out with a different plan. But then something better comes along. You slip into routine, it seems wise, and it is, much of the time. Then you notice a chance to get a jump on something else, perhaps unexpected, but hey, there it is. Maybe, if you're as engaged and always interested like me, it's partly because oh look, something shiny!

But then again, maybe not. Let's give us highly-engaged people with a surplus of energy some credit, even if our honorary Native American names would be along the lines of Dances with Projects and Files in Moonlight. Maybe you did slip from your set plan for the day right into another one, but for a really good reason. Maybe the new thing was just way better. Or more urgent. A shorter-lived opportunity. More interesting and you were ready to act. Well-timed, it just so happens. Perfectly convenient. Efficient to do so. Supremely entertaining.


That's right, maybe it felt good. It just looked good and it really got you going. Maybe you had an instinct about it. So, that's not a bad thing at all. Self-motivation is an issue for plenty of people, especially anyone feeling in rut about being unemployed. The verve and confidence to take initiative is a very favorable trait to find among job-seekers. Think about it: it can be tough enough drum up that kind of oomph on a paid and employed Monday, or any day, for that matter. There are plenty of days where you will tackle all the routine tasks at hand. On some other days, a few things will simply be way better To Do . So today I want to make sure we don't worry too much if we take a detour from our planned tasks every now and then as we govern our own time while out of work.

Yes, this is what I did today. I went off-track. But I had a really productive day and wouldn't have missed it for the other Monday I had planned. Sorry kitchen floor, gotta wash you tomorrow. Sorry errands and calls, you have to wait, too. A really nice writing job needed me to apply for it, I was on a roll with the research I was doing, and I got some twitter followers, too! When we have days like these, they not only show the initiative I spoke of, they also demonstrates a couple of wonderful "soft skills" our future employers might very well appreciate: responsiveness and adaptability. Aka...


As we learned from good ole' Jack (of the Be Quick family), jumping over the candlestick requires nimbleness, lest one get one's bottom burned. Today your nimbleness might bring you the same protection, if you can put it to good use jumping over the follow-up call you had planned in order to reach out to a new contact you see instead. Or, maybe like me you jumped over a big chore that will still be there tomorrow, so you could check a few more interesting To Dos off your list. Feel better?


Don't underestimate the value of nimbleness. It will carry you through rough spots in body, mind, spirit, work and relationships. You know, I used to own a fitness studio besides working in business, plus I had all these kids, plus I've been married like a million years.  I promise this advice will help protect you, when suddenly faced with jumpy times, crazy oh-no-now-there-is-a-burning-candle-right-in-my-way! times, like the uncertainties of being unemployed. As you seek inner peace in 2012:

Stay bendy.

Flexibility literally helps prevent injury (avoid the burned bottom). Looseness keeps you ready. The older you get, the more you lose all that naturally, so you do need to attend to it. Inside and out, I find. Keep a flow. Avoid rigidity in body and mind, as well as in life habits and world views.

If you get stuck, try to find someone like a surfer to rub off on you a little bit. If that won't work, please let me know. I'll do my best to find out how to help. I'm decent at that sort of thing. And I'm happy to change my plan to incorporate answering questions, or conversing with friends and readers.

Until next time, when oh, look, something shiny! And I'll be talkin' about my floor.

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